Welcome to Blissful Warrior

What if you decided to begin right now…

Welcome! I’m Rhonda Uretzky, Yoga Teacher, personal Cheerleader, Radical Resilience Coach

I’m glad you’re here.

Below are a bunch of musings about you: what you want, what you REALLY want, what you think is possible.

This is not a test.  There are no wrong answers.

This is a chance to regroup.

It takes about 10 minutes…more or less.  The timing is up to you.

My advice: just write whatever comes to mind.

Answer with the first thing that comes up and expand as much as you like.

Don’t try to be even the littlest bit realistic.  

Allow yourself to Talk Big about what you want.

You know those things you want but have no idea how you’ll get – those things!

The things that seem impossible  – like, you want to live at the beach and you want to live in the mountains – those things. 

It’s real talk, just between you and me.

When I receive your answers, I’ll read them and email you a copy to save.

In my email you’ll find a live link to schedule a CALL with me about what comes next…

And what does come next?

Whatever you’re ready for. 

Self care. Self love. Self-empowerment

All those things you want to move towards.

…and so begins your adventure.

Relax; this is not hard work, it’s something a lot more productive:


That’s why I’m looking forward to it…

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Once you click “submit” you’ll receive an email with a LIVE LINK to schedule a call with me! If you want to talk to me sooner, call me at 848-702-5271