“Imagine a greenhouse; at a typical company, the CEO might be the strongest, tallest, most charismatic plant that all the other plants strive to become. I see my role as more like the architect of the greenhouse; creating an environment for all the plants to flourish and thrive on their own.”

– Tony Hsieh, CEO Zappos

What is Possible?

Is it possible to find, amidst times of great chaos and change, a better way of doing business?

Is there a more fulfilling, more successful business model that not only connects your team more deeply to one another but also creates greater prosperity for your business and your clients?

What if you could grow your business in multiple directions at once, focusing on creating health from the inside outward?

What is your business story?

Your business is a work in progress.

It’s a story about whom you serve, what you create, what experiences you want to offer your clients, your community, and yourself.

How does your business evolve?

  • How do you encourage genius from within your company?
  • What procedures do you have in place for acting on inspiration?
  • Do you have company-wide programs to address stress and physical as well as emotional wellness especially in times of added pressure?
  • What impact do you want your business to have on your employees, your clients and your community?

What is Blissful Warrior Corporate?

Blissful Warrior teaches your business team:

  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Mindful Leadership
  • Skillful Communication
  • Physical and Mental Health 

Blissful Warrior Corporate engages your business team:

  • Online Group Interaction
  • Group Coaching
  • Individual Accountability 
  • Daily Wellness

You Are Ready For The Next Chapter In Your Business

Your business story is not fixed; it is fluid.

Follow your vision for your business:

  • What could you offer your employees and clients that would make your business uniquely valuable? 
  • What kind of support would benefit your managers, your employees, your clients?
  • How can you engage your entire business team in your business vision?

Blissful Warrior is business coaching tailored to the goals of your group and the individuals within that group.

For business leaders who see the future of business aligned with personal well-being. 

For business visionaries who see their business reaching out in all directions, and remaining close to the heart.

Who is The Blissful Warrior?

I’m Rhonda Uretzky and I’ve been mentoring, guiding and coaching people as a yoga teacher, mindfulness coach and entrepreneur for over 50 years. As the creator of Riverflow Yoga, I have taught work/life balance to thousands of people in all professions.

I am the author of The Blissful Warrior: Living the Paradox of Peace and Passion for Today’s Empowered Woman, my story of applying resilience to life’s challenges.

In 2010 I opened Riverflow Yoga School, a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training that has certified dozens of teachers who learned to integrate mindfulness into their business and personal lives.

I’ve lead Blissful Warrior Renewal retreats abroad in Greece and Italy, where participants hone their visions for a new approach to life and work.

Now I’m inviting you to see what The Blissful Warrior Corporate can mean to the evolution of your business.