A Time for Body, Heart and Mind

 A message from Rhonda Uretzky

We all feel influenced by other people in the world around us.

In person, on social media, in our work and in our personal lives.

We feel the impact of comments and criticism.

It is radical to want to listen only to your own inner guidance.

It is radical to believe that you can source your own wisdom.

It is radical to honor your inner genius.

Yet radical is what we need right now.

We are on the cusp of redefining ourselves: our health, work, politics, social culture and relationships.

It began when Covid-19 reshuffled everything on our dance cards, suddenly giving us pause to reflect on our lives – our social constructs, our mental and physical health, our economy, our leadership, where we want to go from here.

There is no going back to the way things were. There is, however, an opening; an opportunity to recreate the way we want to live, individually and collectively.

We have two aspects of ourselves: a part that is always doing, navigating daily choices. This part we know well; our minds, our moods, our bodies, our backgrounds – these all influence what we do.

The other aspect is an innate sense of knowing, a stable core of wisdom that remains constant despite changing conditions. We often glimpse this through art, music, writing, pausing from our daily routine.

When we link inner wisdom with doing, we can create a life in rhythm with who we truly are in body, mind and heart.

An authentic life.

Without overwhelm, distress and despair. Mindful of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that generate unconscious patterns keeping us in a loop of fear, self doubt and self-limiting behaviors.

We could create a life where physical health and mental clarity are part of our daily self-care to renew our energy and enthusiasm.

It’s been my experience that discussion, reflective thinking and community support can develop within us a kind of Radical Resilience to stand and embrace possibilities amidst the challenges of an uncertain future. Yoga, mindfulness and ways to dissolve habitual patterns and create fresh insights can re-engage you in your work, your surroundings, and all your relationships.

Radical resilience is a shift from struggle to ease, from worry to calm, from chaotic thinking to certainty of action; and in that shift there lies an experience of life filled with wonder.

Welcome to The Blissful Warrior.

Meet the creator of Blissful Warrior:

Author, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and mindfulness coach Rhonda Uretzky combines 50 years of experience in yoga, mindfulness, and spiritual practices into The Blissful Warrior Empowerment Coaching, to support you in creating a personal and professional life that is more meaningful, more fulfilling, and more grounded in your own personal definition of joy.